Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IMMT Video

This might be the single most awesome product coming out of Ironman.  I was a little miffed after the race that I wasn't able to find my finishers video online.  Thankfully the good folks at finisherpix also did video.   Swim finish, bike start, bike turn around, run start, and finishline.

It seems like I did a lot of walking for the cameras.  I can assure you all that I did not walk the entire race.  Just transitions.  Thank god there wasn't a camera rolling at the bike dismount.  That would have been embarrassing, dismount was fine.  The walk to the T2 tent was not.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

IMMT - Take 2

I realized after posting my last report, that I said much about the venue, the course, and the spectators, and much  much about my actual race.  So I'll start over.
1.  So the swim, as mentioned, until getting past the first 3-4 buoys, it was pretty rough.  Very wide starting area, but everyone funneled in towards the buoy line fairly quickly.
Should have taken like these three and waited for the smoke to clear.

2.  This is a pretty good question I have to ask myself, why I don't I wait, like these three.  I'm not trying to qualify for anything.  I will finish in the bottom 20% of the swim.  Am I really losing anything by standing on the beach for 30 seconds or a minute?  Easy to say, I would imagine harder to do with the adrenaline of race morning. 

3.  Swim was great, swim a long way out.  Turn, swim a bit.  Turn again, swim a long way back.  Not much to see or focus on.  At IMWI I could here the music at times, here there was nothing.  In reality it was a bit of a bore.

4).  Time was 1:30:21.  Was thrilled to see it.  Not having a watch in the water I had no idea where I would be.  1:39 faster than IMWI in 2009.

5)  First lap of the bike I pushed a bit harder than I should have, but not terribly so.  3:03:08, or 18.3 mph.

6)  The entire second lap I made a really conscious effort not to push at all.  Especially on the hills.  I kept reminding myself of the climb up to Lac Superior at the end, and that little run we were supposed to do. 

7) Second lap time was 3:17:46, or 17 mph.  I did make a stop at special needs and very shortly thereafter, the bathroom, not sure if these were included on the first or second laps.

But shut coming down Lac Superior at the end of the first lap.  Arm warmers came off at special needs.
8) Total bike time was 6:20:54, or 17.6mph.  This was on the fast end of where I thought I would be, and a little more than 11 minutes faster than IMWI.
9)  I have not downloaded my power files yet, will be an interesting review.  Was fairly close to my power goal, but didn't do a good job keeping power in check on the hills.  NP was high, AP was low.  Hills.  May do a separate power post.
10)  Ended up being really hungry at the end of the bike.  I had my IMWI experience in mind.  And was way over cautious in not taking in excess calories.
11)  Had a very hard time walking once I let go of the bike.  This has been pretty common this year, but it goes away pretty quickly.  Walked the entire way to the changing tent from the dismount line, was feeling pretty good at that point.
12)  T2 I had a gel and some water.
13)  Start of the run greeted me with super intense sharp stomach pains.  I think the gel hitting the empty stomach in T2 was the culprit.
14) As a result, I could only run very short distances, I don't think I ever ran more than 1/4 mile straight during the entire marathon. 

Not sure if first or second loop.
15)  So I ran/walked, with a plan to eat my way out of the stomach issues.  It for the most part worked and the stomach came around.
16)  At the start of the second lap, during one of my run segments, a spectator said something to the effect of "way to battle through it and get your race back".  It was more specific than that, and gave me a distinct impression that she remembered my struggles on the first lap.  Feel good moment.
17)  My one time goal for the day was to run a 5 hour marathon.  It didn't happen, but I don't really care.  Ended up at 5:19:06, and my second lap was only 7 minutes off my first lap pace.  27ish minutes faster than IMWI.
18)  Not sure if I ever had a real low point in the race.  Was very happy to not let my stomach issues get me down.
19) Final time was 13:28:35, besting IMWI by 36:13.
20)  Was very happy to be done, and to remember to slow down and take in the finish.
21)  The race photog took some good photos, and a lot of them, I may actually by the package, until then, I leave you with this:


Tebowing at the finish line.  I'm not a fan, I just thought it would be funny.  Incidentally, it was very difficult to get into that position the morning after the race, and even harder to get back up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IMMT - Part 1

I was going to put together a typical race report for IMMT, and I even started writing it yesterday in the car.  But honestly I just don't feel like it.  So today it's just going to be a bullet point highlight of my race.  Our WIFI connection at the hotel here in New York also sucks, so pictures will have to wait.

1.  Entire area, whole venue is beautiful.  If they could manage to do this race when the leaves were changing color it would be amazing, although likely pretty dam cold.

2.  First three/four buoys of the swim were brutal as everyone from the wide beach start funneled down nearer the buoy line.  Nothing brutal just lots of incidental contact.

3)  Odd swimming in a lake with incredibly clear water, but you still can't see anything down below.

4)  We were told before the start there were underwater photographers along the swim, can't wait to see those pictures.

5)  Transitions were a debacle.  T1 my race number came off putting on my tri jersery.  Had to take it off repin it, then put it on again.  T2 while putting on my shorts I realized that I had pinned my race number to the back of my shorts.  Then while tieing my shoes I told the volunteer helping me I was done and he could take my transition bag.  I didn't realize that I forgot both my sunglasses and my watch until I was out of the tent.  Ended up running blind in more ways then one.

6)  Pavement on the bike course was near perfect.  No complaints whatsoever.

7)  Putting the worst hills at the end of each loop was brutal, although it did make me pace the second loop much better knowing what I had to climb at the end.

8)  Wish I would have prerode the hills on Chemin Duplessis (the last 20K of each loop) before the race.  We drove it and I didn't think it was that bad.  Wrong.

9) Along those lines, the climb on 117 coming back into La Conception was tough, Not steep, but long consistent grade, more or less into the wind.

10)  This is a bike course where you have to be comfortable going really fast, and really slow for that matter.

11)  The hills on Mont Ryan, described as rolling, I think compare to most of the hills at IMWI.

12)  Wasn't a big fan of the run course.  The village was cool.  The road sections were very hilly, and the trail sections were boring.  The out and back aspect was nice, there were always people going by.

13)  Noticed that there was not a whole lot of support being athletes, bike or run.  Not much in the way of chit chat, way to go, keep going, etc.  Very quiet out there.

14)  The community on the other hand, seemed to be out in full force supporting this event.  I think I heard 3,000+ volunteers.  I hope it continues.

15)  The rain didn't really bother me.  Oddly the light rain on the first loop chilled me worse than the soaker on the second.

16)  I'd recommend this race to anyone thinking of doing it.  Just be ready for the hills.  Think horribly hilly type training rides every week.  And run hills to.  And lose every extra pound possible.

17)  Overall a great experience.  Today we are heading to Cooperstown and the baseball hall of fame.  I've wanted to go here as long as I can remember, could be the highlight of the trip.

18)  If our WIFI connection is any better tonight in Buffalo I'll post some pics.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

T-1 week

One week from now the family and I will be well on our way to Canada for Ironman Mont Tremblant on 8/19.  Training is effectively over.  One more week of easier workouts before hitting the road.

Training has not been at all what I had envisioned going in, and will be very happy when sunday night rolls around and this particular journey is over.  I'm certain it will be my last Ironman, regardless of how it plays out.

The training itself isn't that hard.  It's everything else.  And trying to find balance.  Ironman and balance don't seem to fit together.  But I have enjoyed it for the most part, the training.  And I do so like racing.  So I'm certain I will continue to tri, I just don't think I have it in me to do this again anytime soon.

So IM-Mont Tremblant, less than two weeks.  I have some thoughts on goals and times, but honestly, I have no idea how race day will go.